New examples are wanted! Here’s how to submit one.

What information to provide

What’s we’d like to see in a good example is:

Optional (but desirable): a backup of the data in case it goes away! (If the file is more than ~100kb please provide a chopped down version illustrating the main “badness”).

Also don’t forget to credit yourself in an appropriate way (if you want to be credited!).

Lastly, note that your contribution will be licensed under this site’s general CC Attribution License.

How to Contribute

Option 1: Fork and Pull

This website is stored in a github repo which you can fork and pull to add your example. Here are detailed instructions:

  1. Fork the bad-data github repository

  2. Choose a “slug” for your example e.g. my-bad-data-example

  3. Copy and paste the ex/template/ to a directory ex/{your-slug}

  4. Edit the ex/{your-slug}/ file

    • Change the frontmatter attributes (i.e. key/value items at very top of file) as appropriate
    • Add the description (markdown formatted) to the main section of that page
  5. Commit the new file

  6. Then submit the pull request

Option 2: Open an Issue

If the thought of forks and pulls give you the jitters there’s an ultra-simple alternative: just open an issue in the issue tracker and add the information requested!