Data APIs

We provide a number of public APIs that expose the data in our services to developers who want to re-use it.

okfn / ckan

The Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) stores metadata and data for datasets. Various deployments exist, but an API is available for all of them.

openspending / openspending is a datamart for government financial data. It stores budgets and transactional expenditure and offers search, export and aggregation APIs.

okfn / bibserver

BibServer is a tool for quickly and easily sharing collections of bibliographic metadata. Most of the data stored internally can be read through the API.

pybossa / pybossa

PyBossa is a crowd-sourcing platform where users can help to complete tasks, such as image analysis or text transcription. The application can be completely controlled via it's API.

okfn / activityapi

The activity API collects data about project-related activties on various collaborative platforms, including GitHub, Twitter and Mailing List feeds.

pudo / nomenklatura

Nomenklatura is a very simplistic data linking tool. It maintains authoritative lists of names (e.g. politicians, companies, streets) and offers an API and web-based interactive recon tool to match variant spellings of these names to the canonical form.