We are also in the process of upgrading Open Literature to use Textus.

The Textus ‘Standard’

At the core of Textus is a lightweight standard for how to store texts. The software components of Textus build around this lightweight standard.

You can find full documentation of the standard in the Textus JSON Format specification.

Note: much of this is in the process of becoming obsolete due to the move to a new componentized model (see slides) and will be updated or removed in the near future.


The Textus Platform is now being refactored composed of 4 separate components:

  • Textus Formatter - this tool converts standard text formats to the Textus format
  • Textus Viewer - this is a pure Javascript + HTML app that displays a text in Textus Format
  • Textus Wordpress - a plugin that uses the other Textus tools to turn Wordpress into a platform for hosting, presenting and collaborating on cultural texts
  • Textus API - create an API for texts in Textus format

Note these components are under active development as of December 2013.

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