Datapackageproxy - work with datapackages in your browser

Datapackages are a neat idea along the “using data like we use code” way. While Tryggvi has created a nice python module to handle datapackages - there is a problem using datapackages in javascript.

In an ideal world I’d just call something like d3.csv() on any csv file on the web. Browser restrictions, however don’t allow loading of arbitrary files from arbitrary websites (for good reasons). To do so anyway, you’ll need to explicitly allow this. (read more on CORS.

Datapackages are hosted on a variety of hosters and many don’t support CORS - thus we’ll need to proxy them through a system that understand the format and is CORS enabled: datapackageproxy.

Using datapackageproxy is simple. To access a resource of a package, simply use:

the optional id=’’ parameter allows specifying the id (though this is not implemented yet). It will return the data as a csv. (so you can use it in d3.csv()). To get the metadata (package definition) of a datapackage use:

The datapackageproxy is built on appspot - so if there is very heavy load, it might go over usage limits. (If this happens, I’ll try to either move it or figure something else out…)

Find the code on github - and the proxy itself on