A Data API for Data Packages in Seconds Using CKAN and its DataStore

dpm the command-line ‘data package manager’ now supports pushing (Tabular) Data Packages straight into a CKAN instance (including pushing all the data into the CKAN DataStore):

dpm ckan {ckan-instance-url}

This allows you, in seconds, to get a fully-featured web data API – including JSON and SQL-based query APIs:

dpm ckan demo

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Once you have a nice web data API like this we can very easily create data-driven applications and visualizations. As a simple demonstration, there’s the CKAN Data Explorer (example with IMF data - see below).

Where Can I Find a CKAN instance to Upload to?

If you’re looking for a CKAN site to upload your Data Packages to we recommend the DataHub which is community-run and free. To upload to the DataHub you’ll want to.

  1. Configure the DataHub CKAN instance in your .dpmrc

    url = http://datahub.io/
    apikey = your-api-key
  2. Upload your Data Package

    dpm ckan datahub --owner_org=your-organization

    You have to set the owner organization as all datasts on the DataHub need an owner organization.

One I Did Earlier

Here’s a live example of one “I did earlier”:

Context: a big motivation (personally) for doing this is that I’d like to see a nice web data API available for the “Core” Data Packages we’re creating as part of the Frictionless Data effort. If you’re interested in helping, get in touch.