'Continuous Processing' with Data Packages

When storing your data in Data Packages, it is considered good practice to store scripts for updating, processing, or analyzing your data in a directory called scripts/ placed at the root of your Data Package. I’ve written a tutorial to show how to achieve continuous processing: that is, the delivery of updated data every time something changes, either in the source data or the processing code.

Depending on the timeliness of your dataset, you’ll want to periodically run update scripts stored in your scripts/ directory, but what if you don’t want to run the update script of your Data Package by yourself? Instead, why not let Travis CI do it for you?

If your Data Package already…

  1. has scripts that download the source data, cleans it or reformats it into a nice interoperable format
  2. relies on make to run the scripts
  3. has tests to validate the data

…then you’re ready to go to the next level of automation! Here’s a tutorial to enable regular updates of the data with Travis CI.

It’s very well suited for small data (less then 300 MB) and when the processing step is short (i.e. less than 10 minutes). This makes this workflow perfect for Data Packages!

Read the tutorial to find out more!