Adding a Blog Post

New posts are very welcome. This website is managed as a github repo using jekyll and deployed via github pages. You can submit posts in 2 ways:

Using Google Docs (less geeky)

  1. Write up your post in a google doc
    • use markdown or html formatting if you can
  2. Get in touch (email may be best) and we’ll get it up online

Direct to the repo (more geeky)

Using “Fork and pull” on the github repo:

  1. Blog posts go in blog/_post/ folder. As per jekyll convention they should be named yyyy-mm-dd-{slug-for-post}.md

    If your post is html rather than markdown just change extension from .md to .html.

  2. Add content. The structure should be:

     author: {Your Name}
     username: [optional] {your-user-name-if-you-have-one}
     title: {Title Like This - this is used both in page and html title}
     projects: [optional] {project slug, project slug...} (use if your post references Open Knowledge Labs projects)
     content in html or markdown goes here ....

    You need to quote any fields that contain a colon (:). For example,

     author: {Your Name}
     title: 'CatchyName: Doing this thing with that thing'
  3. Add and commit the file then submit the pull request (if you are not pushing direct to the main repo)