Friedrich Lindenberg [pudo]

Member since 01 August 2010

Friedrich writes data-driven software to make political processes more accessible. He has worked on Adhocracy, OffenerHaushalt, OpenSpending and OffenesParlament.


Friedrich Lindenberg is a contributor to the following projects.

Public Bodies is a website hosting a database of so-called public bodies—that is government-run or -controlled organizations (which may or may not have a distinct corporate existence). Examples include government ministries or departments, as well as state-run organizations such as libraries, police and fire departments. Contributions...


Nomenklatura de-duplicates and integrates different names for entities - people, organisations or public bodies - to help you clean up messy data and to find links between different datasets. The service will create references for all entities mentioned in a source dataset. It then helps...


Tools for parsing messy tabular data.


OffenesParlement is a site (and open-source codebase) for gathering and presenting information about the work of the Bundestag and Bundesrat.


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